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The Three Second Shoes

Dr Johnson picked up his shoes and observed them with a keen eye before placing them respectfully down on the crisp pages of The Daily Telegraph neatly spread across the kitchen table. He then reached for his little wooden shoe shine box, the one with the angled shoe rest on top.

   “In life Jonathan, you need a good pair of shoes and a good bed because you will either be in one or the other. And of them, your shoes alone will be seen by the world, so choose them wisely. Respect them. Care for them. Polish them. Other people of quality will recognise a kindred spirit. You will be surprised how many doors can be opened with a broad smile and good pair of shoes. Life often comes down to just getting your foot in the door. The world judges you in three seconds, just three seconds and it’s very hard to change that first impression. If you listen to nothing else I tell you, remember the shoes. Follow in my footsteps and you will not go far wrong.”

   Jonathan rolled his eyes, “Yes Dad. You told me, the shoes, three seconds, I’ve got it.”

[Task from Creative Writing Course: Character at Cambridge University - to show character of a father and son without telling.]

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