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CWA #Pickapageturner competition entries

I got a bit addicted to this format - of writing a story in 280 characters. These are presented in the chronological order I wrote them in. the quoted one below is the one shortlisted for the award.

The message. The footsteps. The derelict alley. The blood pounding. The escape/evade/elude. The doorway. The latch. The BOOM. The paper, drifting down. The smoke. The smell of marzipan. The girl. The scooter. The catch. The luck. The exchange. The end? @the_CWA #PickUpAPageTurner

The convertible corners on two wheels, the roar of engine, screech of brakes, dawn denizens reeling, the whop whop of the chopper, the sniper’s silhouette, the driver counts, one, two, three, handbrake turn, hard right into the tunnel and freedom. @the_CWA #PickUpAPageTurner

He’s dead. He must be. After all, I killed him. But here he is. Dripping from the rain. A grudge to settle he says. I make the tea. Always best to talk things through. A misunderstanding. He doesn’t notice the tablet fall. He’s dead now. He must be. @the_CWA #PickUpAPageTurner

Promotion takes years in corporate. I don’t have years. I have months. So destiny needed a little nudge. A two cent, nine millimetre, hollow pointed nudge. But a nudge. They offer a rapid management advancement program. I’m helping them deliver. @the_CWA #PickUpAPageTurner

A friend in need is a pain in the arse. They chew you up and spit you out. Not this time. This time a service not delivered. A problem not solved. Indeed a problem multiplied. Keep your friends close… ideally striking distance. @the_CWA #PickUpAPageTurner

A body on a pier bench. Witnesses first thought the woman was enjoying the view. The local newspaper mentioned ‘unknown woman’ and ‘suspicious circumstances’. The gossip at the cafe was suicide, but it wasn’t. No one knew the motive… except me. @the_CWA #PickUpAPageTurner

Coffee. A diner’s counter. A slice of pie. That’s when I saw him. Kind eyes I recall. Before he’d finished I dragged him out to his truck. A woman has needs right? I looked deep into his blue eyes and watched the surprise as the blade pierced his chest.@the_CWA #PickUpAPageTurner

Seeking professional male or female for serious relationship, must own house with large garden. Patio optional. No neighbours or pets. Must like lone wilderness walks and extreme sports. Should be open, giving and trusting. Apply here >> @the_CWA #PickUpAPageTurner

Tick, tick, tick. Time, funny how you don’t notice it until you haven’t got enough. Watching the candle burn, the blackened rope smoulder, looking up and knowing what happens next, I wonder if I have enough. Only time will tell. @the_CWA #PickUpAPageTurner

Staring down the barrel of a gun brings certain things into focus. Had I fed the cat? What would happen to that M&S parcel due today? But mainly should I have slept with the boss’ wife? @the_CWA #PickUpAPageTurner

Life is all about choices. Buy or not. Marry or not. Divorce or not. Kill or not. All these decisions have consequences. As I sit out on the patio with the wife, savouring my morning coffee I consider those consequences. Me on the patio, her below it. @the_CWA #PickUpAPageTurner

Guilty as charged. The judge sent me down. The justice machine creaked forward. The victim remained dead. The family petitioned. The wife shed a tear. The lawyer rubbed his hands. The clerk went to the pub. And a guilty man walked free. @the_CWA #PickUpAPageTurner

Working at the bank was never the plan. But what god provides and all that. The police look for an insider on these things so I decided to give them one. My manager had refused my pay rise and now she’d know how the money feels, locked up behind bars. @the_CWA #PickUpAPageTurner

Alcohol and gambling. The ruin of many a fine gentleman. Wilbur Adler was on the road to damnation, or so his mother told him every Sunday after church. But Wilbur wasn’t convinced. He took another slug of whiskey and rolled the dice once more. @the_CWA #PickUpAPageTurner

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