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Second Best

You’re better than this. 

You didn’t study for three years to be here. All those late nights and daytime tv shows to be back pushing trolleys again. You did this job before you went to study. You studied to ensure you never had to do this again. Yet here you are back pushing the bloody trolley train. Could you have worked harder? Partied less? Watched less daytime tv? Hung out with Dora less? You know deep down, you could have, should have, studied harder. You could have got a better degree and used it’s propulsion to escape the gravitational pull of the supermarket trolley train. But no, you took it easy. A gentleman’s degree you said. A two: two, not a two: one or heaven forbid a first that might have actually got you out of this town and into a real job. You settled for second best and you’re going to have to live with that for the rest of your life. A second rate life. And that’s only if you ever escape the trolley train and don’t just ride it into oblivion. You were a bright kid yet you’ve squandered your free education, drinking in bars, chatting up girls and sleeping late. You know you’ve only got yourself to blame. No second chances. All aboard the trolley train...

[ICE Second person example exercise based in supermarket/convenience store]

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