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Screenwriting: Mother Road - Movie Screenplay Pitch

Updated: May 22, 2020

Title: Mother Road

First Five Finger Pitch

GENRE: Thriller - road movie

MAIN PROTAGONIST: Killer stalks tourists on Route 66

A GOAL: Wants to replace mother who abandoned him on 66.

OBSTACLE: His killing gets in the way until he meet Lara an orphan and runaway Millennial who helps him change view.

WHATS IMPORTANT: Millennial teaches killer to reconnect with humanity. Contradicts millennials selfish and self centred.

Second Five Finger Pitch

Thumb: Killer kills on Route 66, runaway runs away.

Index: Killer confronts change, killing not answer / runaway recognises running not answer, needs home. Trust begins.

Middle finger: Pair build a ‘home’ on road & trust. Light at end glimpsed. Orphan abusive father appears and the killer has decide to kill or not. Use skills for good?

Fourth finger: Was killing abusive father the right decision? Ends fathers chance of redemption. Changes both their lives for every. Bond them in the new &unique way.

Pinky Finger: the cops corner killer. Killer choice of good or evil (use orphan). Sacrifices himself..last words ‘mummy’. Ends orphan walking the lonely highway forever changed.


Feature film thriller and road movie follows a killer who is stalking tourists on Route 66, aka the Mother road. The killer is trying to replace his mother who abandoned him on the side of this iconic highway when he was a baby. So in revenge he is killing the tourists who enjoy the trip in an attempt to destroy the road. Killers are not killers all the time and he grudgingly befriends Lara an orphan and runaway millennial who gradually begins to help him reconnect with humanity. She is good cover for him at police road blocks and motel registrations  looking for a single killer. We also see the inter-age dynamic and that millennials do have something to contribute to society for the better. Both characters change, build bond, home and trust. For a moment they achieve peace before the world overtakes them. End with the orphan walking lonely highway and a question hanging.. will she choose good or evil for her path. Continue killing or settle down?

Route 66 mural on wall Wilmington IL

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