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Creative Writing Exercise: Familiar words in unfamiliar context.

Updated: May 15, 2020

The shoes weren’t just shoes. They were a work of art. They told of history, of heritage, of tradition. Crafted not made. Passed from hand to hand through the temple that is the factory. Each stage of creation carefully mapped and choreographed. The Clickers who cut the design from fine leathers matching the grain for each pair, the Closers stitching the leather Uppers together, the Drafting as the leather is put over the Last for size and the Sole finally bound. It is fitting that the final stage is the attachment of a sole much like with man... a soul is the Devine spark added by God.

In life have a good pair of shoes and a good bed because you’ll either be in one or the other.

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1 Comment

Unknown member
May 22, 2020

I had another go at this inspired by other writer on the OU course... The little robin strutted the garden as if he was Dean Martin in tux, hat and cane. This was his manor, he was the king. Or The sunlight dappled the sandstone patio like jigsaw pieces in a half finished puzzle.

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