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Screenwriting: Character Outline - The Mother Road Killer

Updated: May 22, 2020

The Mother Road Killer

  • Abandoned by Mother on Route 66.

  • Hunts tourist on Route 66 - hates the road and wants revenge by destroying the mystique.

  • Meets and befriends orphan / runaway on Route 66

  • Initially uses orphan to help disguise actions - motel checkin and cop road blocks.

  • Faces dilemma to kill for someone else’s good.

  • Kills orphan’s abusive father. / free’s orphan

  • Builds home with orphan on the road - peace at last

  • Saves orphan from cops letting her start a new life

  • Dies in shoot out with cops. ….’mother’ last words. Gives life for another redemption.

Killer wants revenge on the mother who abandoned him on the road and revenge on the route which he feels drew his mother away from him.

Does he find out why mother abandoned him?

He is the average joe. Wants to blend in. Trucker jacket, lumberjack shirt, jeans, suede boots, and sun glasses.

He literally get an itch behind his left ear when his hatred of the road starts to build and he must hunt.

By meeting a girl he reconnects with his humanity and finally finds some form of redemption.

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