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Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Jupiter seemed like such an exotic destination when he read the brochure. Travel the galaxy they said. See the universe they said. So he’d hitched a ride on the next rocket spaceward. Sitting at the back in economy with a snotty family from Scarborough. He’d ridden in comfort, while the kids itched and whined. “Areee weee thereee yetttt?” When the door slid up it was a bit of a shock, to be honest. No sunny beaches, no sangria by the pool, just a storm swept wasteland of yellow rock. He would not be leaving a good review! The family trudged out with a resigned sigh. Anything it seemed was better than Scarborough. Well, he had his standards and as planets went this one was missing the mark by a long shot. And rings! Don’t get him started on rings. The only rings he’d be making would be the phone call home to complaint to the agent. This was not the lazy holiday, with all you could eat buffet he’d been promised! That family would barely keep him going a week!

[Cambridge Uni exercise: This will seem crazy but we had 20 mins to write something which had Jupiter, Parasite and Storm in it (words were chosen by our fellow students to be as difficult as possible to write about).]

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