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The sands of time.

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

I’m not sure where the phrase ‘sands of time’ came from, my thought is its genus must have been the sand in an hourglass slowly marking time. It was, therefore, something of a shock to discover that sand actually does have quite a part to play in time. That sand which can provide a view into another dimension - creating the glass for a view out of a seaside window for example - was also a by-product of time travel. I’m not sure how they worked it out, some boffin somewhere no doubt, with a grant from someone, to investigate something. Probably got bored on his lunch break while doing something else, put his sandwich in the machine to see what would happen and presto. Time travel. His sandwich suddenly past it’s best before date proved the concept, that and the sand suddenly all around his former lunch. Getting a replacement snack cost him time no doubt, but time was something he now had in spades. Developing the concept, everything was fair game, whole houses whisked through time and dropped on beaches, arriving with the sands of time still washing through their empty hallways. Beaches were essential arrival locations, beaches and deserts… plenty of sand.

[We were given a task to write a story about time with this image as a prompt]

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