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The Guide

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Old, he feels old, run-down and worn-out like an old pair of boots rubbed down at the heel, scuffed at the toe, but there is no easy repair for him, there is no easy fix, he must trudge on, keep pushing, pushing forward against adversity for to stop is fatal, to stop is the end, he must fight, fight like there is no tomorrow, fight like his very existence depends on it, which in many ways it does of course, for he is the guide many have hoped for and if he stops then what of the others who follow, who hope, who dream, what for them, they will be lost in a wilderness of hurt, he must strive forward, must propel, must, must, must, he is tired now, his bones ache, he is only human and he is tired, he must pray, pray to God for strength for vigour, without God there is no hope, no salvation, he is God’s tool, God’s vessel, the responsibility is lifted to a higher power, the weight is lifting, the responsibility is carried by others, he must only trudge forward one boot infront of the other, one minute infront of another, one hour infront of another, one day...


205 words

[ICE task to write long sentences, my class did another one just for fun.]

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