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Qwertywriter S

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

This may be the coolest tool for any writer. Period.

A PC, Mac or iOS (Bluetooth and USB) keyboard, for your computer. Looks like an old-style typewriter right down to the carriage return, feels like an old-style typewriter, types to your computer screen and is built of high-quality metal. It's a dream to type on. I love it so much.

You can get at one at and there are UK distributors (Harrods and British Library) at the time of writing.

It's ridiculously expensive but worth every penny. When you consider you can get a cheap Logitech keyboard for £15, more expensive Logitech models cost £90 (both are plastic), this rocks out at £300. BUT it's so cool and just such a dream to type on. Car companies talk about the importance of the tactile feel of your interface with the car and I guess this is the same concept for computers. It lifts the whole writing experience. The job it does is in theory to replace the keyboard but somehow the result is much more than a sum of its parts.

It's designed to pair via Bluetooth with three devices simultaneously so you can quickly switch between them. Your laptop, Ipad and phone for example.

Consider getting the carry case as well because once you get used to this you will want to take it everywhere with you.

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