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Updated: Mar 25, 2022

“Well, you’ll be my bitch Greg… that’s all I’m saying.” Said Raj.

The four of them are spending another productive Thursday morning lockdown in their student accommodation. Second-year is supposed to be party central, the lockdown has been a lot of things but a ‘party’ is not one of them.

“I’ll be your bitch? Bollocks! You’ll be mine mate!” Said Greg.

“Oh Yeah. Crap! You’ll both be too busy running around after me. I won’t call you my bitches though, I’m too good a manager for that... but we’ll all know.” Sarah winks at Angus who’s laying on the sofa pretending to ignore this futile conversation by reading an old copy of National Geographic. Angus shakes his head and goes back to the story.

“When will you two ever grow up?”

“Never! In his case.” Said Greg.

“He’s just jealous Sarah, he doesn’t have the imagination, doesn’t have the vision. It takes some flair to spend a few million. I’ll buy property, no fancy cars for me, property. That way the investment should go up in value… and I’ll have somewhere for you to wait on me, Greg.”

“Raj, you’re such a prick!”

“Now, now, boys, let’s keep this civil. There’s a lady present after all.” Said Sarah.

“Sarah, my darling, much as I love you, we both know you’re not much of a lady.” Angus interjected not looking up from his magazine.

“Angus you’re a prick!” Said Sarah.

“I rest my case, your honour.” The sound of a sudden page turn punctuating the point.

“Well, what would you do with it, Angus?” Said Raj.

“Look, she might not be a lady, but I think, ‘it,' is a bit offensive. What’re your thoughts, Sarah?”

“He’s talking about the bloody Lottery you imbecile!” Said Sarah.

“Oh, the Lottery,” Agnus smirked. “Well, I’ve got a better chance of being struck by lightning, so we might as well be discussing which hospital I’d rather go to when I’m hit.”

“Don’t challenge the scenario. Just answer the bloody question Angus, and don’t be more of an oaf than you need to be.” Said Sarah. She sounded mad, looked mad, but her eyes betrayed a warmth.

“Well, it’s all very simple.” Said Angus finally looking up and putting the magazine down. “I’d split it equally four ways. What good is money without friends to enjoy it with?”


392 words

York University: to write about four characters discuss a lottery win each with different viewpoints.

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