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Dialogue can be used for:-

  • It makes the story advance. Injecting an objective into writing

  • Develops character - Can give emotional depth.

  • Increases pace and make more dynamic

  • Improves realism

  • Defines Characters

  • Provides Information (but be careful - not too much see below).

  • Can be incorporated in the action scenes

  • Helps gives readers a more 3D sense of the scene

  • Helps to give a sense of place


  • Too big chunks of dialogue can be overwhelming and rather flat so intersperse with prose to give the reader a sense of the scene.

  • Make sure not to drop huge chunks of back story or other information into dialogue which won't sound like a realistic conversation.

  • Use Speech tags like 'He Said' 'See Said' which often the reader doesn't even notice rather than 'He growled' etc all the time.

  • If you can replace speech tags with nothing by making your dialogue so clear that you don't need to constantly tell the reader who is talking. Characters have a distinctive voice so the reader can easily tell who is talking.

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