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“You’re an idiot.”

“Don’t ok.”

“You should have known.”

“Did you known? Because I didn’t. Ok?”

“Well, you should have.”

“Well, I didn’t. Can we leave this now?”

“We only just bought this. It cost serious money.”

“I know, I paid half.”

“Brillo Pad scourers were obviously the worst thing to use.”

“Well, I know that now, Einstein.”

“You should have known it then.”

“I polished it with a paper towel after.”

“Oh weeeell, if you wiped it with a paper towel that’s ok then. ...The damage had already been done, Piccasso. It’s a bit like throwing a cup of water over the smouldering remains of your burned house. Absolutely pointless.”

“It was something.”

“Michael, you used a Brillo Pad on our brand new Stainless Steel Hob and it’s ruined. We’ve only had a new kitchen for two minutes and you’ve wrecked it!”

“I wasn’t to know. I haven’t had a stainless steel hob before.”

“Why can we never have anything nice without your wrecking it?”

“We’ve got some nice Brillo Pads? … too soon?”



Write an argument and come in late and leave early.

Written in 7 minutes in class.

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